About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. Our company began as a supplier to our national retail customers and we have been fortunate to grow with them. 

During this time we have received numerous consumer letters and e-mails primarily requesting how to find products they purchased from our retail customers.

It can be frustrating to return to a store only to find the product is no longer available or perhaps out of stock. The last thing we want a consumer to experience is this kind of end result so we have launched our website in response to your very positive product availability inquiries.

We focus on the development of unique and different solution oriented products for everyday use. Our products are intended to make life easier and more convenient. They are time savers or helpful organizers.

We are guided by the principle that when the consumer wins so do we! In future we intend to make more thought provoking products available on this site so it can become more of a destination for value and in that context we will offer discounts as well when your purchases increase.

Thank you sincerely for your patronage! 


Hands offering strawberries.